IsyPress – The iOS app to post your images to your WordPress

This app is build to make it as less effort as possible to publish a image from your device to your WordPress blog or website while protecting your image rights and privacy.

Just 3 Steps:

  1. Select a photo from your device
  2. Add the title as you like
  3. Press “Publish”

The current version allows to upload one image at at time. Every image will be posted into a separate post using the given title, setting the image as featured image and putting the image also into the post content.

For now just self-hosted WordPress installations are supported.

Your photos from iPhone to WordPress

Start publishing your photos without giving away any of your right as the creator.

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Great helper to publish my daily photo blog. From my iPhone strait to WordPress.

Flo Photographer & Entrepeneur

I just wanted to post my photo to my blog. So I build the solution. I call it IsyPress!

Ralf IsyPress creater

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Get your WordPress ready

Few things to do to get up and running with IsyPress. Follow this small guide.

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Roadmap & Feature Wishlist

IsyPress is still very young and we know that it's not perfect yet. Read here to find out what feature are planned or already on the wishlist.

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Feedback very welcome

If you have feedback or any other questions feel free to get in touch using the contact form or the “Feedback”-Button on the bottom right of this page.

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