1. Get the App

Visit the Apple App Store and buy the app:
Download from Apple App Store

2. Getting WordPress ready

2.1 Ensure SSL

The app requires your website to be available over https://. Why read about it on our about page.

InĀ generell it’s recommended to provide your website users a secure connection. Learn more about that topic.

2.2 Download needed plugin

Download the “Basic auth plugin” from GitHub:

Read more about the requirements

2.3 Install needed plugin

Visit the dashboard of your website you want to post images to and open the screen to upload a new plugin as an archive:
[…]/wp-admin/ -> Plugins -> Add new -> Upload plugin
Now upload the archive downloaded prior.
After the upload is completed. Click the link to activate the plugin.

If you want more details read about it in the WordPress Codex.

2.4 WordPress User that can posts

The app needs to login into your blog as a user that can post content to your website.

If you usually login into your site as an admin user we recommend to create a separate user just for posting from your iOS device.

Go to:
[…]/wp-admin/ -> Users -> Add new
Fill in the details and make the new user an author.

Remember or note the password you give this user. It’s needed in one of the following steps.

3. Getting the app ready

3.1 Start creating
Open the app on your iOS device and start creating you first pice of content.
Select a photo. Give it a title.

3.2 Put settings in
Now tap the “Settings” button on the top left.
Fill out the home URL to your website/blog.
Put your username or email address into the field for it.
Give the password into the according field.

After filling out all fields, go “back” by tapping the top right button.
Now it’s time to hit the “Publish” Button.

If any of the settings doesn’t work the error message will give you a hint what went wrong.
Make sure to not have typos in any of the fields.

4. Enjoy & Share on

From now on you just need to to the 3 easy steps:

  1. Select a photo
  2. Add the title
  3. Press “Publish”

Need help?

If you need help after following the steps above, please get in touch, so the problem can be fixt.