Why this App

Do we really need just an other photo sharing app with it’s social network?

This app is not about any of his things.

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I have been annoyed about all the ways I could post photos to my photostream blog. I didn’t wanted to use x services or tools that will take my creation, run it through there system, learn and advertise me based on my usage.

Since the beginning of my online life it always bugged me that services or social network require me to sign of to give away a lot of my image right away to sign up. I wanted to create a way of publishing without this.

So I thought there should be a direct way from my iPhone to my WordPress.
The official blue WP app sadly way in the way with all it’s many options and features.

So this app tailored for photo sharing on WordPress came to mind.
This should also break the dependency on service provider that suddenly shut down serves or services. The WordPress REST API is here and will stay and iOS apps have a very long life.

The small price for the app is required to allow this project to grow and make the app better over time.
If you want to support IsyPress even more take a look at the options.

Who created IsyPress

Ralf Wiechers: Creator of IsyPess siting on a stair - Photo by www.40Stunden.de
Ralf Wiechers – IsyPess Creator

As a WordPress consultant for planning and development I worked on a a variety of web projects based on my favorite opensource CMS. I always loved the freedom the system allows to build great websites and apps.

With the mobile revolution running for years I always wanted to create an app. But not just for fun. I wanted to solve a problem.
An app based on scratch my own itch.

Thanks to the help from my great coworker Richard the work at the first version got started.
Thanks Richard ; )

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